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Interstate Pet Transport

The ground pet moving service that Your Affordable Pet Mover will use will be designed specifically for your pet transportation, regardless if you are relocating to the East, West, South, or North. There will be no cancelled flights, no switched flights, and no layovers that are so often associated with frequently unreliable, stressful, and unsafe air travel for your pet. We offer a personalized pet transportation service.

Our pet transport service guarantees a worry free, hassle free, dependable, reliable, and safe pet shipping. Your Affordable Pet Movers will work closely with the owner of the pets to identify all of your pets’ needs.

About every three or four hours, like clockwork, there are exercise and bathroom breaks. This will allow your pet to receive the personal care and attention that it deserves. We promise that every pet will be given lots of TLC along the way.

Your pet’s moving will be in a customized van that is fully equipped with heat and air conditioning in a climate-controlled environment. Our drivers can be contacted by cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the location of your pet can be tracked at any time. Your pet will never be left unattended or alone since drivers sleep in the pet transportation vans. Your pet will have access to any special medication from your veterinarian since our pet transportation service cargo vans also are equipped with refrigeration. We supply soft bedding that is extremely comfortable in very roomy crates, along with purified water.

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Private Pet Shipping

If you prefer, we can provide affordable private pet transport for your beloved pet. We can provide exclusive, door to door ground transport for that pet you love. Our fully trained professional and experienced staff will treat your pets as true members of your family.

We have a pet transport staff that is unique. Our staff will handle the long distance driving, and consists of leaders of pet rescue, pet behaviorists, professional pet trainers, and are experienced in administering oral or intravenous medications.

We provide ground pet shipping from door to door. Our year round private pet transport moving service offers completely safe, and personal, stress free pet shipping service.

Unless otherwise requested, all of our pet relocation service consultants will be provided with copies of all communications with the pet owners. From the time we pick up your pet until that pet is safely relocated, there will be up to date and clear communication without any miscommunications or confusion. Relocating the pet that you love can be made much less stressful by using our luxury pet relocation services.

Our private pet moving service will only be based on your pets’ needs and requirements. We will also work around your schedule. Our pet shipping services are dedicated to providing the absolute best transportation services anywhere in this country, regardless of the destination. Our trained pet professionals will gather all of the required about any special requirements or health conditions your pet may have prior to relocating.  Contact us for rates.

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Short Notice Pet Moves

We understand that sometimes things can happen unexpectedly. During these times of chaos, we will provide personalized service for you and your pet. Regardless, if it’s a relocation that is a few states away, an interstate move, or a coast to coast pet relocation, our pet shipping services will provide you with a dependable and reliable relocation service.

Since we have many crews of trained professionals, we can provide ground transportation for your pet shipping on short notice. However, your pet should always be ready by having a checkup from your vet, your pet’s health record, and a travel identification tag. You should also check on the pet entry regulations at the destination state to see if an entry permit is required, and ask your vet about sedation for your pet. You might also want to ask your vet to recommend a colleague in the destination city.

Even on a short notice pet shipping and relocation, your pet will be treated with all of the same TLC that we provide for pets in which the move has been planned well in advance. Your pet will be transported in the same luxurious and comfortable cargo vans that have all of the same amenities.

There is no difference if the pet relocation was planned months in advance or that week, our pet transportation services are all the same. However, we do recommend that you give us as much notice as possible. There is a certain amount of logistics required for any pet relocation, and the more time we have the better.


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Corporate Relocation

Moving the pet you love can be very stressful. We understand that when moving your pet(s) to another state or city, there are many different things that have to be taken into consideration. By using our pet transport service, you will have the time to take care of your move and not have to worry about moving your pet. However, we will work closely with your employer and you to reduce the stress of pets’ relocation as much as possible. We understand the daily unique challenges such as budgeting, client communication, and time management that corporate relocation professionals face. Regardless if you need to relocate your dog, cat, bird or reptile, we will provide the professional relocation services for a seamless pet shipping and transition experience for everybody who is involved.

You will be put in touch with one of our pet shipping service consultants when you first contact us, either by email or telephone. This pet relocation service consultant will be familiar with the area of your destination and will gather all of the required details necessary to answer any questions that you may have about the relocation of your pet and provide you with an accurate quote.

The consultant will have you to fill out a pet shipping Quote Request. This request will then be assigned to one of our pet relocation specialists to define the logistics of your pet’s relocation as well as come up with an exact cost for the transportation of your pet. This will ensure that you know the exact price for your pet shipping prior to the start of our services.